Enriching customer experience from design to delivery. Right products presented to the right customers at the right time.

Service your customers seamlessly through a customer driven retail enterprise. Optimus Retail tailors your business processes around your customers right from presenting the right products till making sure it is delivered correctly. Be it your modern customer who swears by an online presence or your loyal customers who have been with you for generations, Optimus Retail will help you to cater to all segments effectively. Designed for an enterprise, Optimus retail caters to a multi-location, multi-store and multi-currency organisation.

Cloud Based Platform
Accessible to all

Access your sales data, check your vendor deliveries or monitor your customer orders – all through a browser, wherever you may be. Share your design data with your customers or plan your procurement with your vendors. All this is possible with Optimus Retail on the cloud using any device that can connect to the internet.

Customer Experience
your key to sales

Whether it is the customer at the door of your retail store or the customer browsing your web pages, their experience will decide whether this will result in a sale. Identify the right products for display using the merchandiser in Optimus Retail. Equip your sales team with information and the technology needed to book that sale from a prospective customer.

Integrated Vendors
your partners to success

Vendors are partners in the success of any retail enterprise. Control your procurement costs by effectively tracking vendor parameters through Optimus Retail. Share procurement information with them on a real time basis and include them in your ecosystem to effectively deliver on your customer promises. Pay your vendors on time through auto calculation of dues using Optimus Retail vendor agreements.

Right stock of the
Right Inventory

Track sales and consumption patterns to decide the correct stocking pattern of your finished products, Raw material and consumables. Manage your stock through organised stocking locations and get stock information on demand. Optimus Retail enables you to order only when required, based on stock levels and delivery lead times.

Quality Assurance
a way of life

Stringent quality checks go a long way in ensuring satisfied customers. Optimus Retail tracks every purchase for quality parameters and predictability of deliveries. Data on quality parameters is maintained, stock age tracked and rejection reasons analysed to allow for causal analysis and corrective action.

Stock Management
till the last piece

Every purchase can be tracked with a unique id to track its origin and history. Barcode pieces either collectively or individually to trace its location. Automate your stock reconciliation using the stock tracking processes of Optimus Retail

Accuracy and Speed
key to a successful POS

Optimus POS is a single window for every customer touch point, be it a sale, a return, an order or an advance. Scan a barcode for a sale or accept the order and advance for a custom piece. Handle that exchange or return with ease and create a great and seamless customer experience.