Efficiency in Production, Quality for your customers, Inventory in real time through Optimus manufacturing - Information on the cloud to aid your business at every step.

Track your orders and manage your stock with Optimus Manufacturing. Designed specifically for the Jewellery Industry, Optimus manufacturing does more than business processes integration. Transparency of the workflow and real time status updates across stakeholders within and outside the organisation ensure easy access to information through the product delivery lifecycle.

Central Information Repository

Being a cloud based solution, the central information repository is accessible to all stakeholders irrespective of location. All stakeholders have access to the same information at the same time. Real time status updates lead to a common understanding of production scenarios and decision parameters, ensuring an effective decision making framework.

A Collaborative platform

Cross functional teams work on Optimus seamlessly managing the manufacturing lifecycle from Sales orders and Procurement till invoicing either to your onsite offices or customers. Integration of onsite offices in the chain allows for seamless stock movement and tracking as well as customer billing.

The cornerstone of successful jewellery organisation

Design is one of the key components in Jewellery which cannot be driven by standardisation of processes. You need a system that allows both – the space for designers to effectively deliver their creations and implements the framework to analyse effectiveness and efficiency. In Optimus design creativity is aligned with market requirements for effective product development.

Quality, Predictability and Happy customers

Meeting a customer’s expectations consistently every single time, is a challenge faced by every business and yet that is the only way to customer satisfaction. You can improve only what you measure. Optimus manufacturing tracks the parameters that impact quality or efficiency, whether it is Design feasibility, Ease and predictability of production or Employee productivity.

Connected Vendors and Timely supplies

Share your procurement plans with your vendors to ensure that they can plan their supply schedule. Vendor tracking, analysis and efficiency checks help you to identify the right person for each item.

An informed Stock management team
Efficient inventory management

Real time stock information on your complex and high value stock items like diamonds and precious stones will enable your stock team to place orders for the right items at the right time and right quantity. Online stock positions and requirements planning is built into Optimus at every level.

Optimised marketing through a
Customer centric Sales team

Track customer sales data and design efficient product lines. Integrate Product development information with past sales and arrive at effective design concepts for specific customers. Profitability data is available with every customer interaction.

Optimus ERP is designed to address the core business and operational software requirements for the jewellery industry.

Optimus ERP is designed to address the core business and operational software requirements for the jewellery industry. The solution provides a platform that supports end-to-end operational processes spanning product development and manufacturing, procurement and inventory, export, wholesale and retail sales. Retail and Retail POS are part of Optimus Retail product which can be integrated with Optimus ERP to provide an end to end solution from manufacturing to Retail and Retail POS for jewellery companies. For more details on Optimus Retail ERP, kindly download the product profile.

Central Deployment

  • All offices / locations accessible centrally
  • Users can have access to the information based on access rights
  • Centralized inventory
  • Centralized reports

Web enabled

  • Browser based application
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Accessible through multiple devices (PC, Laptops, Tablets, Smart Phones)
  • Central installation and maintenance
  • Scalable
  • Improved interoperability
  • Secure


  • Product development
  • Costing and Pricing
  • Quotation and Sales order management
  • Procurement
  • Inventory
  • Production
  • Invoicing
  • Retail*
  • Retail POS*

Business impact through product architecture

  • Multi-company, multi-location and multi-currency solution
  • Event and alert based tracking mechanisms
  • Enterprise wide information availability from a single data source
  • People independent reporting
  • Reduced TCO for implementation
  • Integrated business process across the organization
  • Better time to market for new products and designs